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Reporting physical or sexual child abuse and neglect

Child abuse can take many forms: physical, sexual and emotional are the most serious. Anyone who believes that abuse has occurred should report their concerns for follow-up by trained professionals.

What do I do if I witness or know of physical or sexual abuse?

You should call the police if:

  • You know that someone has had sexual contact with a child
  • A child tells you that he or she has been harmed by someone
  • You see someone hitting a child with an object
What should I report?
  • The child's name, address and age
  • Parent information
  • The nature of the suspected abuse, what you have seen, what the child has told you, what made you suspect that his child is abused
  • What do you know about the alleged abuser:‚Äč name, address, age, the relationship of this person to the child, where or if they work
  • Any other information that may help investigators determine whether abuse has occurred.
Reports of suspected abuse by family members, care givers and those who work with children also can be reported to the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services at 1-800-25-ABUSE (1-800-242-3873)

This call will start a child protection investigation; DCFS will provide safety plans for the child, provide family services and seek to preserve families. DCFS should refer these reports to local police for a criminal investigation.

False reports
  • Intentionally filing a false report is a crime and you can be prosecuted.
  • People who report in good faith alleged child abuse or neglect cannot be held criminally liable. Members of the general public may make reports without giving their names.
Additional information
Call the Kane County Child Advocacy Center at (630) 208-5160