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Kane County State's Attorney's Office - Joseph McMahon, State's Attorney

​​​​The Kane County State's Attorney's Office is providing the following disclosure on all cases filed from January 1, 1999 to June 1, 2015.

 On June 9, 2015, the Kane County State's Attorney received notice from the Illinois State Police Forensic Biology/DNA program manager, that the FBI notified them of errors identified in the FBI STR population data published in 1999 and 2001.
Notice Regarding DNA Match Statistics​

The Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office recently completed a study with Aurora University and the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority on the effectiveness of our Deferred Prosecution program. The study revealed a 7.9 percent recidivism rate, empirical proof that diversion programs work. Click the link below to view the study.
Recidivism Study

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Message from the
State's Attorney

On behalf of the hard working men and women of the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office, thank you for visiting and welcome to our Website. I invite you to explore the site and see for yourself the broad array of services performed by the office.

The first priority of the state’s attorney’s office is to represent the interests of our community, which includes you, your family and the people of Illinois in criminal proceedings and to get violent offenders who threaten our safety off our streets. I do not take this responsibility lightly. I believe that there is no higher purpose in government than protecting the safety and welfare of the citizens whom I have been entrusted to serve. The men and women of the state’s attorney’s office have dedicated themselves to this duty. Whether it is an attorney in our Criminal Division prosecuting a violent criminal, a counselor in our Diversion program providing rehabilitative services to a non-violent offender, or an attorney in our Civil Division collecting unpaid child support, making sure that the children of Kane County have a safe and healthy place to live or representing the County of Kane in legal proceedings and transactions, everyone in our office works diligently on a daily basis to make our community safer and preserve the quality of life we enjoy in Kane County.

I hope you find the information contained on the Website useful and informative. You will find explanations of our many diversion programs and contact information for those divisions. Additionally, I have included links to the Websites of our partners in the criminal justice system, from local law enforcement to state and federal agencies. I continue to work hard to make this State’s Attorney’s Office and our entire criminal justice system as user friendly as possible. Ultimately this is your county and your state’s attorney’s office, and I need the assistance and trust of the community to solve our crime problems. Everyone has a stake in public safety.

As state's attorney, it is my job to hold people accountable for the crimes they commit, but it is everyone's duty to work to prevent crime.  If we really want to solve our crime problem, we must stand united with one clear, strong voice and tell the criminal element that they do not have a safe haven on the streets of Kane County.

I thank you for the opportunity to serve the people of this great county.

Joe McMahon
Kane County State’s Attorney​​

Reporting Child Abuse

​​​​Document ImageAs part of our continuing effort to improve awareness about child abuse and neglect and how the public can help, we have joined with CASA Kane County and the Kane County Regional Office of Education to produce this flyer, which is being distrubted anywhere children gather. The message is simple: You don't have to be a mandated reporter to report suspected child abuse and neglect. Anyone can report it. Just call the DCFS hotline at 1-800-25-ABUSE (1-900-252-2873).

Reporting physical or sexual child abuse and neglect
Child abuse can take many forms – physical, sexual and emotional are the most serious. Anyone who believes that abuse has occurred should report their concerns for follow-up by trained professionals. More...

Mandated Reporters
Most people who work with children in any capacity are required by Illinois law to call the DCFS Hotline anytime they believe a child may
have been abused.  More...

                                                                     Listen to a podcast about reporting suspected abuse or neglect